Your Gut Health Puzzle Made Simple

Is Leaky Gut a Real Thing?

January 04, 2023 Prajakta Apte Episode 17
Your Gut Health Puzzle Made Simple
Is Leaky Gut a Real Thing?
Show Notes

Learn about today's hot topic - Leaky Gut. This episode, will answer all your questions about Leaky Gut such as -
What exactly leaky gut is?
What happens to you when you have leaky gut?
How leaky gut fee like?
What are the possible causes and symptoms of leaky gut?
Is it reversible?

The leaky gut allows undigested material and toxins to enter the blood stream which causes the systemic inflammation and tissue damage. This happens because your immune system considers these undigested material as foreign invaders and hence make antibodies against it. So if its strawberries, your immune system makes antibodies against strawberries. Every time you eat strawberries, in an attempt to protect you, your immune system reacts to this food and this leads to the damage to your gut wall.

Leaky Gut is extremely important factor that helps us see why we need to focus on our gut health.

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